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Integrity Pest Solutions is Ohio’s leader in bed bug extermination and heat treatment. Guaranteed one day treatments in Ohio and surrounding states.

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10+ Years of Bed Bug Treatment in Ohio

Our professionally-trained exterminators have more than 10 years of experience eliminating bed bugs from Ohio homes. Integrity Pest Solutions proudly serves all of Ohio and has treated over 12,000 homes, apartments and businesses with less than 1% ever needing a second bed bug treatment. 

Our mission is to get rid of bed bugs for you and make sure they never come back. We stand by our work: we will customize a treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate and remove bed bugs from your home.

We are discrete when we arrive at your home. We don’t have branded cars or promotional apparel that say “bed bug exterminators.” Your neighbors will never know your home was treated for bed bug extermination. If bed bugs are found within 90 days after our treatment, we will perform further treatment at no additional cost (click here to read our customer testimonials).

We Guarantee:

  • One Day, One Treatment
  • Discreet Bed Bug Exterminating Service
  • No Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Kills Bed Bugs at ALL Growth Stages
  • No Damage To Linens, Couches, Carpets or Furniture
  • Free 90-Day Warranty with Every Heat Treatment
  • 12-Month Warranty Available
  • A Minimum of 2 Vehicles Will Be Heated Treated With Every Home We Service
  • 3rd Party Canine Inspections Available
  • 100% Effective Heat Treatment Safe For Humans, Pets, & Environment




Look for black spots on your bed frame.



White spots that look like salt.These are the egg of the bed bugs.



Black and brown spots. The brown spots are the bed bugs.

How It Works & Why We Use Heat!I


If you search bed bug exterminator online, you’ll notice that our competitors use chemicals. Not us, we know better. We know that chemicals don’t kill bed bug eggs and are only a band-aid instead of a real solution.

Integrity Pest Solutions uses the heat remediation (aka heat treatment) process. This is the most professional and effective way of exterminating bed bugs in ONE DAY! This state of the art extermination process includes RX12 heaters, air movers, wireless temperature controls, and monitors that were designed to eliminate bed bug infestation in homes or buildings.

Once our heat remediation set up is in place, we increase and maintain a surface temperature of 130°-148° Fahrenheit. At this temperature, bed bugs have no chance of surviving. Our heat kills the bugs, nymphs, larvae, and bed bug egg within minutes.

Bed bugs have an outer skeleton that quickly drys out and fractures when surrounded by high heat temperatures. By manipulating the heat throughout your home (or building), including voids in the walls and other places they can run an hide, we can guarantee that the treated environment will be 100% bed bug free within 4 to 10 hours.

We’re the Best Bed Bug Exterminator Ohio Has With Over 12,000+ Treatments!
No other treatment, such as spraying chemicals, can get rid of bed bugs in one day/treatment like heat. This is why we’re the best bed bug exterminator in Columbus.

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Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!!
Columbus, OH
It went amazingly! Art was extremely professional and friendly when he came to our home. His services were discrete and efficient and NO CHEMICALS were used so i felt safe after he was finished. I would recommend Integrity to anyone who has had this problem!
Cincinnati, OH
Great service. Everything checked and kept on top of. No problems, would recommend to anybody that asks.Great service. Everything checked and kept on top of. No problems, would recommend to anybody that asks.

Dayton, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however most use chemicals that will need 2 to 3 weeks to see real results, and even then the bedbugs will still be feeding on your family. Also most do not offer heat remediation or services that help prep and insure that no re-infestations occur. With IBBS you get everything included in the treatment.

Yes, however, they will not completely eliminate infestations because the chemicals can’t reach bugs that are hiding in walls or deep inside the furniture. Bug “bombs” will only make them run deeper into the structure whereas heat draws them out into the open.As for traps, they will merely verify the existence.

Yes, Integrity Bed Bug Solutions will do a complete inspection to verify, document, and assess the severity of your infestation. You will see us catch live bugs before we will treat your home or business.

We ask people to bring in a third-party canine company to do any inspections. If they alert during their inspection that there is still an infestation after we have treated the home, we will retreat the area 100% free of charge.


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