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    The Nature of Ants

    At first you might notice just one ant crawling across a kitchen surface. Then it’s a handful. A few hours later, you’re dealing with an endless marching line of ravenous little critters treating your home like their own personal buffet.

    When this happens (and sooner or later it will in most homes in Columbus !) you’ll want to find a licensed ant exterminator. Why go with an expert? Because ant pest control doesn’t just require specialist tools for handling ants at their source, it also requires a detailed understanding of their biology and nesting patterns. 

    If like so many others in Central Ohio, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to search Google for an “ant exterminator near me,” we offer an ant control service you can trust. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we have years of experience in not just fixing your problem now, but keeping those pesky ants at bay for a long time to come.

    Ant Up Close

    Professional Ant Control in Columbus, OH

    Let’s start with the reassuring news: you’re not alone! Ant infestations are very common in Columbus. We’re home to over ten species of ant, each with their own biology, behavior and unique ant removal challenges.

    If you contact us for help with ant control, our first step will be a thorough investigation, not just of your home and its entry points, but also of your surrounding area. Ant nests aren’t just large, they’re often sneakily located. Outdoor ant control is often part of the puzzle in ensuring your home remains ant free. 

    We also make sure we know what species of ant you’re dealing with! Termite and ant control are two very different things, but even among ants, different species call for different approaches. Carpenter ants, for example, is going to require a more indoors-oriented approach than field ants or pavement ants (we’re experts at dealing with carpenter ants by the way). Fire ant control will require strategies to keep your family and pets safe outdoors. 

    Our next step is finding the right ant control strategy. The solution doesn’t just lie in ant hill removal. Ant control in the house requires a focus on prevention, with a careful erasing of the chemical markers which will otherwise keep hordes of fresh ants arriving at your pantry door.

    This is a big part of what separates professional ant control from the DIY solutions you can find at the hardware store (and which general contractors invariably use). The ants you see are only a tiny part of the problem. Even a comprehensive approach to natural ant control and a complete ant hill removal is only dealing with the existing colony. 

    Our professional ant control experts will also deal with ant behavior, by removing any trace of markers which red flag your home as a potential food source for future colonies of ants.

    What Causes Ant Infestations?

    Ant Infestation

    This is a good question! And it’s one our customers usually ask when ant control in their house becomes a pressing issue. There’s good news and bad news here.

    The good news is that, once we have your initial carpenter ant removal or general ant removal dealt with, there’s one natural ant control method that’ll help keep those ants away: carefully managing food in your house.

    Ants are foraging insects, and even tiny crumbs of the good stuff are important fuel for their nest and its voracious inhabitants. Get rid of those tiny morsels and (provided you’ve had an expert thoroughly remove their chemical trails for you and set you up with a pest management plan), there’s a good chance you’ll remain ant free.

    Unfortunately, ant infestations are also often simply the result of poor ant control practices by unqualified pest management contractors. If an ant hill removal is done incorrectly, the problem can simply be transferred somewhere else. Similarly, construction work near you can disrupt ants’ natural foraging territories, leading them (often quite literally) to your front door.

    While you only have limited control over the causes of ant infestation, you can choose a quality ant control service that gives you the best chances of a lasting ant-free zone. When you search for “best ant exterminators near me,” factor in both ant exterminator cost and the level of experience they have in removing ants from homes.

    Integrity Pest Solutions is a great choice for ant control in your yard or your home. We’re family owned, reasonably priced and we are licensed ant exterminators.


    Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!
    Wendi from Central Ohio

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