Art and his crew were great. It’s kind of a panic-inducing and embarrassing predicament to be caught in and Art was sympathetic, discrete and best of all, effective.He showed up the day of service on time, ready to work. We had moved into a hotel so we paid a little extra to have him come the next day, which he did. He had me remove all of the clothes and linens from drawers and shelves (hanging clothes were okay), which I took to the laundry and ran through dryers to kill any remaining bugs, eggs, etc. Then he and his crew came with big heaters that heated the house to 140-150 degrees for a couple of hours. The critters and their eggs die at 120 (I checked this with academic entomologists and it is true), so this is the best and least toxic way to get the job done. Art and his crew ran around the house with big fans and thermometers making sure every crack and crevice (including inside the walls for which all outlet covers had to be removed) was heated well above the minimum temperature. We were able to get back in the next day and had house cleaners come and clean the house and took the opportunity to purge our closets of lots of clothes and linens that needed to go to Goodwill anyway. We have yet to have the bedbug-sniffing dogs (yes, that is a thing) come to the house to ensure that we are still clear, but we have instituted protocols for traveling, for example. Suitcases from trips never come in the house. They stay in the garage so that we don’t bring anything home with us. All clothes from trips go straight into the dryer and all toiletries get wiped down with Clorox wipes. It’s not that much work and I really don’t want to go through this again. The process was an ordeal, but we don’t have a house full of either bedbugs or toxic chemicals and Art and his crew were great about everything from soup to nuts. I would recommend them to anyone!
John Grinstead
They were very efficient, really polite, easy to deal with, and were very clean. I also really like the fact that they guarantee their work.
They are a great business. Art Dodson, the owner, is easy to work with, keeps his word and guarantees his work. I’ve been using Art’s services for about the past two years and have been very pleased.
Jessica Canterbury
Done in one day, no issues since. Made me comfortable and professional. Gave me a lot of information on the situation.
It went amazingly! Art was extremely professional and friendly when he came to our home. His services were discrete and efficient and NO CHEMICALS were used so i felt safe after he was finished. I would recommend Integrity to anyone who has had this problem!
The owner came in and educated us about bed bugs. Their habits and what normally happens and much more information. He told us how to be preventative in the future. He also told us how to prepare for the heat treatment. We have been bug-free for over 3 weeks. They will double-check also.
Fortunately, Militerriers confirmed my house is bed bug free and thanks to Art it cost me much less for the peace of mind versus going the heating process and costing much more.
I have to say that this company is 100% professional and effective. They responded immediately to my call and was able to move their schedule around to treat and handle my problem within a couple days. Danielle was informative and easy to work with; she not only fixed our problem but taught us how to keep from having a repeat issue. It’s been over two months and we are trouble free.
I contacted several different companies, but was most impressed by Integrity Bed Bug Solutions. Art Dodson thoroughly explained the heat process they would use and how our preparation would help ensure that the one day treatment would be effective. They were able to schedule us in a few days. On the day of treatment, they arrived before 7 am and began by heat treating our cars to be sure we did not reintroduce any bugs to the house (this is a service not offered by the other companies I contacted.) The truck was unmarked and they were very discrete. They called at 3pm to report that they had finished and we could return at 5pm (to allow the house to begin to cool down from the 120 degree plus temperature needed to kill the bugs and eggs.) The house was still very warm and we ran the air conditioning overnight to get the temperature down to 75.) I highly recommend Integrity Bed Bug Solutions: they were professional, discreet, careful, and also provided education about how to prevent any future problems. Art Dodson and his staff are wonderful people and supported us through the process at a stressful time.
The process was explained and the work was completed without any return of the problem. Art recognized in our first phone conversation how concerned we were with possible infestation and arranged his schedule to make an immediate visit to assess the situation. He was very professional and informative. His team was out a couple of days later, and we were very pleased with their professionalism and the meticulous care rendered. We cannot thank Art and his team enough for the excellent service and highly recommend Integrity Bed Bug Solutions.
Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!
It went very well I can’t say enough about Artie Dodson and INTEGRITY BED BUG SOLUTIONS they did such a great job of cleaning my home of Bed Bugs I can’t thank them enough. We were infested when my daughters’ house caught fire and her family moved in with us. Some of the clothes that were donated unbeknown to us had Bed Bugs, which over a period of a week or so have traversed throughout my home. We tried all the mail order remedies, which did work, but only on the Bed Bugs we could see. Mr. Dodson explained the problem once we sat down to talk with him. He explained why I was lit up like a tree ornament from all the bites I endured during the infestation. He walked us through our house pointing out what we had to do to prepare for his treatment. Then he explained what his process entailed and what it would accomplish, and what we should expect. We did have to leave overnight, but he assured us everything would be safe and secured. Everything was spot on. All went as expected. The hard part came after, which he did explain. This consisted of heat drying all our folded clothing, bedding, towels, and such. (which he suggested we do at the Laundromat) which worked out well. So as I stated at the beginning I don’t have enough good words to say about Artie Dodson or his company INTEGRITY BED BUG SOLUTIONS. He assured us that his treatment was thorough and effective, and in a short period of time he would check back with us to make sure we were bedbug free. If he found any bugs he would treat our home again.
Great service. Everything checked and kept on top of. No problems, would recommend to anybody that asks.Great service. Everything checked and kept on top of. No problems, would recommend to anybody that asks.
Mary Hopkins
Art and his team of professionals were kind, patient and diligent with all facets of their service from the initial call to the aid of preparing the environment for optimized results and their detailed education of how to avoid the problems moving forward. My family was also thoroughly impressed with their method to keep the whole process discrete from the neighbors. They left no stone unturned. I highly recommend them to anyone facing this extremely sensitive issue.
Great fast informative service! We did not end up having bed bugs. Owner Art was honest and did not take advantage of or fears and sell us service that we did not need. Integrity is a fitting name!