Prep List & Post Treatment


​We have compiled a preparation list to help ensure reparation protocol, otherwise the treatment will not be effective, and you have a higher chance of reinfesting your home.. The following are the steps that must be taken in order to ensure the complete remediation of your bedbug problem.

STANDARD HOUSEKEEPING: Standard housekeeping is required prior to treatment.

TRASH & DEBRIS: Removal of trash from ALL rooms is a requirement.

LAUNDRY: The maintenance and upkeep of laundry is an essential part in maximizing your treatment.

STORAGE AREAS: When heating the home it is our job to also spread the heat evenly throughout the home.

 During your treatment, some household items will need to be moved, removed, laid flat, or rearranged.

REMOVED ITEMS: Any of the items listed for removal must be done so with great care. This means that each and every item should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes and thoroughly inspected.

DRESS PROTOCOL: On the morning of your treatment you must have clean clothes to change into before you leave.

PETS: If you have a cat or dog they will need to be taken out of unit and given a flea bath or grooming the same day as treatment. 

Note: Our prep list is different for each customer. Not everything will apply to each household. If you have questions, please call 614-443-7378.

Chemical free treatment: As we are committed to being as environmentally safe as possible and we believe in our heat so much that we have no use of chemicals of any kind. A safe heat treatment means you and your family can come home and not worry about side effect of residual chemicals left behind. The heat does its job and we don’t need to use chemicals to “get rid of any we missed”. WE DO NOT MISS! If we do we will return and reheat those areas for free. After treatment the house will be very hot and need time to cool off before reentering. Be sure to immediately turn on Air conditioning as soon as you are allowed to enter. You may want to turn on air then leave out for a few additional hours for home to cool down.

IF you are suffering from COPD, asthma, or any other respiratory issues of any kind, we strongly recommend you stay with family or in a hotel for the night. Any questions please call or text 614-443-7378. Thank you!


To ensure the success of your treatment for bed bugs we have compiled a list of steps that you will need to take following your treatment. It’s imperative to follow each step below accordingly to avoid false alerts of bed bugs and protect your home from re-infestation. Our treatment will only be effective if you are committed to partnering with us to maintain a bed bug free home.


1. RETURNING HOME: Following the treatment, your home will be very hot and will need time to cool off before re-entering. We recommend turning the air conditioner on, then leaving again for a few additional hours while the home continues to cool down to an acceptable temperature. If you or a family member suffers from COPD, asthma or any other respiratory issues of any kind, we strongly recommend staying with family or in a hotel for the night.


2. STANDARD HOUSEKEEPING: Following your heat remediation treatment, thorough vacuuming of the entire home and some contents is required to remove the dead remains of bed bugs, eggs and nymphs.
This should include :

  •  Vacuuming on and in seams of all mattresses and box springs
  •  Bed frames
  •  Inside and outside of all furniture (sofas, chairs, etc.)
  •  Carpets and baseboards
  •  Hard surface floors


3. CREATE A DESIGNATED CHANGING STATION: To protect your home and avoid re-infestation, we highly recommend creating a “changing station” near the entry of your home. It’s important to create a “changing station” that fits your lifestyle. When entering your home from work, school, doctor’s office, gym, movie theaters, travel, public transportation, etc. you must change your clothes immediately upon reentering your home and take one of the following actions:

  •  Put worn clothing into dryer, on high heat for 20 minutes.
  •  Placing in air tight container (20 gallon trash can with a clean trash bag and air tight lid is ideal for storing clothes until you are able to wash and dry).
  •  DO NOT USE laundry baskets, hampers, boxes, crates or totes.


4. LAUNDRY: The maintenance and upkeep of laundry is an essential part of ensuring your home remains a bed bug free environment.
DO NOT LEAVE worn and/or dirty laundry lying around the home.

30 – 35 DAY INSPECTION: We highly recommend scheduling a third party K-9 bed bug detection team to visit the home at the 30-35 day mark. This will ensure that you have 1) a piece of mind that we/IPS have completed our job accurately and effectively and 2) that your home is bed bug free. This will be an extra expense to the homeowner if no alerts are found in the home. If for any reason the dog alerts, IPS guarantees to reheat specific areas and/or the entire home as needed, at no cost to you and will pay the cost associated to the K-9 inspection.