Bed Bug FAQs


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Yes, however most use chemicals that will need 2 to 3 weeks to see real results, and even then the bedbugs will still be feeding on your family. Also most do not offer heat remediation or services that help prep and insure that no re-infestations occur. With IBBS you get everything included in the treatment.

Yes, however, they will not completely eliminate infestations because the chemicals can’t reach bugs that are hiding in walls or deep inside the furniture. Bug “bombs” will only make them run deeper into the structure whereas heat draws them out into the open.As for traps, they will merely verify the existence.

Yes, Integrity Bed Bug Solutions will do a complete inspection to verify, document, and assess the severity of your infestation. You will see us catch live bugs before we will treat your home or business.

We ask people to bring in a third-party canine company to do any inspections. If they alert during their inspection that there is still an infestation after we have treated the home, we will retreat the area 100% free of charge.