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    The Nature of Bees

    During Spring and Summer, a large proportion of our customers found their way to us after frantically searching online for “bee removal near me.” Bees are an important part of our natural environment, but they can also pose a safety problem for homes and commercial properties in the Columbus area. 

    If you and your family are exposed to a bee infestation, your first step is to find a qualified bee removal specialist. While bees are generally placid by nature, getting rid of a bees’ nest is not something you should risk doing yourself. Nor is it a task you should entrust to a general contractor. 

    We’re fully accredited bee removal specialists. We’ll get rid of bees in and around your home quickly, safely and humanely.

    Professional Bee Control in Columbus, Ohio

    Many people underestimate bees! People tend to reason that, sure they can sting, but bees are a natural part of life. How hard can it be to get rid of them? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Bees are frequently hazardous, not just to you but neighbors and pets. The risks are even greater if you’re dealing with the highly aggressive Africanized bee — an insect common to the Columbus area.
    Given our highly reasonable bee removal cost, it’s just a practical, commonsense decision to seek out our professional bee control services. 

    Once you alert us to a bee colony (usually in a wall or a hollowed out area near your home) one of our bee removal specialists will perform a complete site inspection. We’ll then develop a bee nest removal strategy that is tailored to your natural surroundings, along with additional risk factors such as pests or close proximity to neighbors. 

    A general pest control expert who is not accredited in stinging insects can only provide part of the bee control picture. We can perform a safe bee hive removal that will minimize the risk of bees returning to your area in the near future. 

    We are experienced bee removal specialists in the Columbus area, with a decade’s experience in professionally handling stinging insects. Randomly searching Google for “bee removal near me” will bring up any number of generalists, many of whom will have limited understanding of bee biology or behavior. 

    We are fully licensed and insured. We’re also environmentally aware bee removal specialists, which means we’ll make every effort to protect your local environment while protecting you, your family and pets from bees that are too close to your home. This is why we’re a sound choice for efficiently managing bumble bee nest removal, carpenter bee removal services, and general honey bee hive removal in the Columbus area.

    What Causes Bee Infestations?

    bee infestation

    The first step in safe bee control and bee nest removal is understanding the causes of bee infestations. 

    Bees are usually more of a problem in the Spring and Summer months. As pollinators, bees are more likely to gravitate to areas with a lot of flowers. Generally bees in isolation aren’t a great problem. However, like all colonizing insects, bees are expansionist by nature and will seek out new hive areas as their populations grow.

    Bees will naturally seek out hollowed out areas, so if your back yard has older trees, there’s a good chance it will be a prime location for a bee hive sooner or later. 

    And then there’s also the complicating factor of local construction or other physical disturbances. As natural areas are removed for construction sites, existing bee colonies may be disturbed, leading to the formation of new nests. 

    At the end of the day, bees are part of our natural environment. They’ll become a problem to you and your family either when they naturally expand into new territory, or when their existing nests are disrupted by nearby construction. 

    When you approach us to help with bee nest removal, our goal is to get rid of bees near your home as efficiently and humanely as possible. The control methods we use will depend on each unique situation we encounter. Our bee removal experts will ensure your safety without posing a risk to broader population of bees living a safe distance from humans. 


    Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!
    Wendi from Columbus, Ohio

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    Getting rid of bees and bee hives quickly and safely is important not just for you and your family, but also for people living near you. 

    If you need a professional services for bees, honey bees, or yellow jackets, you’ll need a fully licensed bee removal specialist! Give us a call.

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