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    The Nature of Fleas

    Fleas are tiny, but they pack a mean punch. They’re a leading cause of allergies, a significant health risk for your family and pets, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re resistant to many standard pest control measures.

    To rid yourself of these troublesome pests, you’ll need to find a flea exterminator who understands everything about flea infestations, from their life-cycle to the tricky places they hide. If you’re looking for flea pest control in the Columbus area, take a look at our service. We’ll remove fleas from your house quickly, professionally and discreetly.

    We offer a 90 day guarantee, and our flea extermination costs are cheap for the peace of mind you’ll get from working with flea removal experts.

    Flea Exterminator Columbus

    Professional Flea Control in Columbus, OH

    When a homeowner finds themselves in need of a professional flea removal service, they usually have the same kinds of questions:

    • Is a professional flea treatment service necessary, or can I do it myself?
    • What is the best way to remove fleas?
    • How can I find the best flea exterminator near me?
    • What is a reasonable flea fumigation cost?

    Here’s our take on each of these important questions. 

    First up, can you perform flea removal yourself? The short answer is, probably not. Unless you’re unusually lucky and catch the outbreak very early on, the chances are they’ll come back after off-the-shelf home treatments wear off. 

    Flea pest control is one of the more demanding pest control activities, and if you’re dealing with a full blown infestation, their eggs will be hard to find. Moreover, their numbers will explode fast. Fleas are resilient and bring with them a range of unpleasant health risks. It’s definitely not something you’ll want to try to deal with alone. 

    This leads to the second important question: what’s the best way to remove fleas? It will depend greatly on your circumstances. The first step in flea removal is to have an expert perform a complete site assessment. This includes a close inspection of the fleas infesting your home to determine its species. 

    It’s also important to understand how fleas came into your home and where their eggs are being laid before developing a control strategy. Removing fleas from your carpet is all well and good, but until you find where they’re coming from and how they’re getting there, they will come back in force. 

    Finding a nearby exterminator with a reasonable flea fumigation cost is a little more straightforward. The key here is to do your research. 

    • Is the company licensed and insured? (We are!)
    • Does the professional flea treatment cost give you access to trained and accredited pest control professionals who are qualified to deal with flea infestations? (We offer this too!)
    • Will you get the peace of mind of a guarantee? (You guessed it, we offer a 90 day guarantee that your pests won’t return.)

    What Causes Flea Infestations?

    Finding the best way to remove fleas from your home has a lot of moving parts. A winning strategy for flea control all gets back to the basic cause of flea infestation. It’s important to find a flea pest control service who understands how all these facets of flea biology fit together. 

    First, there’s the flea’s complex lifecycle. In the course of a flea’s life, it moves through four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult maturity. While mature fleas are the ones that “bug” us, it’s important to target fleas at all points in their lifecycle. 

    Fleas in their pupa stage need to feed on blood before they mature. Stopping this part of their lifespan is crucial to halting their reproduction. 

    Eggs are laid on a host, but they also accumulate where the host sleeps. If you have pets, we’ll have to carefully target their sleeping locations. 

    Fleas are also seasonal. The warmer months are your higher risk times, and it’s quite common for pets to be more susceptible to picking up fleas outdoors during the Summer months. 

    The best way to remove fleas from your home is through a professional flea removal service followed up by a carefully formulated flea prevention plan.


    Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!
    Wendi from Columbus, OH

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