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The Nature of Wasps

Wasps are aggressive, difficult to locate and often highly dangerous. The first piece of advice we offer locals is never to think of wasp pest control as a DIY problem. Having a professional wasp exterminator to get rid of a wasp nest won’t just save you a hassle; it’s also much safer.

Wasps don’t just sting once. They repeatedly sting, and unlike most bees (which are usually placid by nature) wasps are easily agitated. A dangerous swarm can form in seconds. While any wasp hive removal is a tricky business, yellow jacket removal and bald faced hornet nest removal, in particular, require quick and decisive control from a qualified and accredited stinging insect specialist.

Wasp Specialist

Professional Wasp Control in Columbus OH

Getting rid of wasps in Columbus can be especially challenging, because a wide variety of stinging insects proliferate throughout the area. It can be difficult for an untrained pest control professional to identify what kinds of insects they’re dealing with.

Wasp control begins with a comprehensive site investigation. Nests may seem to be located in obvious locations, but secondary nests are often located in more secluded and difficult to reach places. When customers ask for “hornet removal near me,” they’re frequently surprised at the out of the way locations where a secondary nest may be located. 

There’s another reason professional wasp pest control is crucially important. It’s vital to know what species of wasp you’re dealing with. Yellow jacket nest removal requires a completely different strategy than mud dauber nest removal, or bald faced hornet nest removal. Not only will wasp type impact the level of risk and control methods, it’ll also affect likely hiding spots and control strategies. 

Then there’s the biggest issue: safety. Wasps are no joke. Not only do you need a professional to be absolutely certain that wasps can’t access the interior of your home, it’s just as important to make sure that neighbors and pets are safe too. 

Professional wasp control is a careful activity that is all about detailed planning and rigorous risk management. Don’t risk you and your family’s well-being by taking wasp pest control into your own hands. 

Our pest exterminators have access to staff entomology expertise. We have a complete understanding of their life cycle, biology and behavior. Our stinging insect exterminators have years of experience with wasp and bee removal in the Columbus area. 

By using a careful combination of dusting, fogging, physical removal of the nest and possibly even mechanical traps, we can get rid of your wasps safely and efficiently.

What Causes Wasp Infestations?

The cause of wasp infestation will differ by wasp species. Generally speaking, wasps are aggressive and constantly seek out new territory. Disturbing a nest or improper control methods somewhere else can pass the problem along to a new area. 

A professional wasp exterminator will take these concerns into account. 

Your local environment is another factor. Wasps build nests from raw materials, which can include wood fibers and other plant material. If you live in a heavily wooded area, there’s a good chance wasps will at some point build nests near your home. 

Once a nest is established, the queen can get to work creating new wasps. Up to one thousand wasps can exist in a single nest, and just one nest is all it takes to place your family and neighbors in a hazardous situation. 

What causes a wasp infestation is one thing. But it’s equally important to be mindful of what to do (and absolutely not to do) when a wasp infestation occurs near you.

Avoid floral smelling perfumes. Be observant. Watch the wasp’s flight path and nesting locations and avoid those areas. Moreover, alert neighbors and nearby residents to do the same. Never swat at a wasp and check closed off areas (like outdoor storage containers or mailboxes) very carefully before placing your hand inside. 

And above all, don’t attempt a wasp nest removal yourself! The safest way to remove a wasp’s nest is to have a professional do it for you


Art and his crew did a FANTASTIC job! He helped us understand how we likely got them, how to prevent them from coming back, and got rid of all of the ones in the house. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend. They are great!!
Wendi from Columbus, OH

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Wasps are dangerous and aggressive creatures. If you see a yellow jackets or other type of wasps around your home, contact us for a quick, reliable and safe wasp removal services. We’re licensed and accredited to handle stinging insects in the Columbus area. We’ll keep your family, neighbors and pets safe.